سارا پیلین فرماندار آلاسکا Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska


سارا پیلین فرماندار آلاسکا



Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska



John McCain’s vice presidential pick left many in the political circles in a stupor. How could GOP nominee battering his Democratic rival for his lack of experience to be the commander-in-chief, pick someone that put Barack Obama in the shade in that aspect?Was it a political gamble? Those who knew McCain quite well, were however unfazed about the Senator’s choice as he has always been running against the tide in his political career thus earning himself the title, “Maverick”. But who really is this woman that attracted the attention of Vietnam War veteran, topping such other contenders for veep post as Joe Lieberman (D-Connecticut), Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania, Bob Jindal (R), the rising star in GOP and Governor of hurricane-battered Louisiana and last but not least Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Missouri



جان مک کین با گزینش نامزد معاون خود بسیاری از تحلیلگران سیاسی را شکه کرد. چگونه ممکن بود نامزد حزب جمهوریخواه که رقیب دموکرات خود را به بی تجربگی برای بدست گرفتن فرماندهی نیروهای نظامی آمریکا متهم می کرد معاونی برگزیند که دارای تجربه ی بسیار کمتری از نامزده حزب دموکرات داشته باشد؟ البته کسانیکه مک کین را می شناسند آنچنان از تصمیم این سناتور شگفت زده نشدند زیرا مک کین همواره وارونه جهت آب شنا می کند بگونه ای که به وی لقب تک رو داده اند. ولی براستی این زن کیست که توانست توجه بازمانده جنگ ویتنام را به خود جلب کند و دیگر نامزدهای این پست جو لیبرمن (سناتور دموکرات از ایالت کنتیکت)، تام ریج (فرماندار پیشین پنسیلوانیا)، باب جیندال، ستاره ی پرفروغ حزب جمهوریخواه و فرماندار ایالت توفان زده لوویزیانا، و آقای تیم پلانتی فرماندار میزوری را پشت سر گذارد؟



Sarah Palin rose to prominence as the mayor of a small Alaskan town of Wasilla. Later on she took on the Republican establishment and ran against the then Republican governor in 2005 unseating him in the GOP primary elections and then becoming Alaska’s Governor in 2006 with her popularity in 80s, lumping herself as the most popular governor in the United States. Religiously devout, Sarah and his snow-boat machine champion husband, Tod, also known as First Dude back in Alaska, decided to keep her baby when it was diagnosed with Down syndrome. During the Presidential campaign a video clip surfaced on the Youtube where addressing a church audience she called the Iraq war “a mission from God” and the soldiers in that country on a mission from God. [in a forum on presidential elections during the primary campaigns, in response to a question on sexism claim by Hillary Clinton, she’d contended, “wining about such issues won’t do us any good” illicitly criticizing her.] She was also under investigation for alleged firing of an Alaskan trooper, her sister’s ex-husband


Anyone familiar with the core principles of the Republican Party, most especially with its hard core conservative base should have construed the reasons why the Arizona Senator chose this newly elected governor as his running mate. Yes, her conservative values. When the rumors were out McCain would pick Lieberman or Tom Ridge, in most of the town hall meetings, participants badgered him on the issue of his possible running mate warning him not to choose someone who would support abortion. The base was not that excited about the Party’s nominee in the first place, as his records would mostly put him at odds with their core principles. To energize the base, therefore, McCain decided to go against his own guts and tap this little known governor for second highest office of the land. When he announced his choice to the enthusiastic crowd, Palin got her first national coverage by thanking other women before her for their attempts at breaking the glace ceiling namely Jeraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton. She asked for American support to shatter that highest of the glass ceiling once and for all


In order to woo Clinton supporters, John had thought the choice of a woman would do just that and which was obviously his big blunder. Hillary supporters were not supporting her just because she was a woman, rather, it was her ideas and passion that put her at odds with what Republican Party in general and Palin in particular believed in. For a few weeks since the announcement Palin attended crash courses on a slew of issues and media access to her was zero. She was also rushed to the UN to meet with heads of states and top diplomats. Then, came along CBS Katie Couric and ABC John Gibson’s interviews which she botched and gave SNL Tina Fey, a line to hammer her every weekend as a naive and lacking in basic knowledge of facts. News channels made repeated re-runs of the interviews casting real doubts as to whether she is up to the job given John McCain’s age and her being a heartbeat away from him. In fact CNN Situation Room made an interesting contrast between the interview and its SNL version prompting Wolf Plitzer wondering out loud whether in history of television a comedy had ever been made of the exact verbatim


Much like previous presidential elections, the country was divided right down the middle and therefore each candidate would clamor to gain the support of the independents and undecideds. The pundits were amazed at how the Republican nominee was running neck-and-neck with little-known democratic Rival despite the fact that more than 80 percent of Americans believed US was on the wrong track (Gallup poll). Then came the economic meltdown and McCain’s so-called “suspension of the presidential campaign to head back to Washington and the call for the postponement of the first presidential debate in the University of Mississippi on September 26, 2008. McCain lost all 3 of the presidential debates and his veep nominee was no better a rival to Joe Biden


In post-debate polls, Barack Obama widened his lead to 10 percent and finished to a rousing landslide on the Election Day. This time undecided and independent voters broke for the Democratic nominee as they found him calm and presidential under pressure unlike McCain who, in their opinion, could not even look into the eyes of his opponent during the debates


 Sarah Palin, among other reasons, was the cause for independent voters to break for Obama as they saw the Republican nominee, in his first Presidential pick, fail miserably showing lack of judgment on his part. 150 thousand dollar wardrobe for her during the campaign stops was another issue that surfaced on the waning days of the campaign and put the already derailed campaign on defense. When she was introduced to America, John McCain heralded a day when his reformist nominee would come to Washington to clean things up, cut the spending and reform the system, citing Palin’s putting the Governor’s jet on eBay. These claims and their subsequent revelation of the true versions of the stories did not pass unnoticed


At one of the stump rallies, Palin accused Barack Obama of paling around with terrorists. She was referring to William Ayers who in the 60s had masterminded several bombing in Washington in protest to the Vietnam War. Red meat was what Palin pretty much good at throwing and crowd loved it. In fact her speech at the Republican convention in Saint Louis Missouri was a defining moment for her as a new polarizing figure on the scene of national politics, whose only supporters were hardcore evangelical base


As her nomination was announced one of the advisors to Obama called her the least experienced veep nominee which Obama campaign quickly called a personal view and not that of the Obama team


Dealing with women candidates in the US has always been not quite without a controversy, most especially during the 1984 Presidential campaign when Jeraldine Feraro in response to a question by Bush father, then vice-president to Ronald Reagan, cautioned him to stop lecturing her on world affairs. The incident was the subject of all talk shows since the Palin vice presidential post was announced. The talk of the town was how the Democratic veep quite known as a gaffe machine, would deal with her during the debate. The worries proved uncalled for as Biden masterfully came out as a winner trashing his colleague, John McCain, at the Senate during the 90-minute debate without even looking down on his opponent


In a week or so to the Election Day, words came out as to whether the choice of Sarah Palin by McCain had been a grave tactical error and was costing him the presidency. Some of his aides went so far as to grumble publicly even calling her “diva who listens to no one but herself”. Some of the Republican pundits also called for her withdrawal from the race as she had performed miserably during the campaign. Such criticism, however, fell on John’s deaf ears and in some of the joint interviews he kept on throwing his unshaken support behind her


On Election night, in his gracious concession speech, McCain thanked his running mate for her energy and assistance during the campaign and hoped the Nation would benefit from her in the near future as the leader of the Republican Party


There are a lot of speculations as to whether Sarah would run for the highest office of the land, though she tacitly mentioned it during the prank call by the Canadian radio host should would run in 8 years (after two full terms of John McCain’s Presidency); the interviews she has given to the Media to polish her image after the Election, might strengthen that possibility


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