1100 Words You Need to Know
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1100 Words You Need to Know


4h Week


Day Three:


1.      The medic reached into his kit (بسته لوازم) to find a bandage for the ugly laceration (دریدگی، پارگی، زخم).

2.      Mr. Dixon belittled our request for tangible (محسوس، قابل لمس، واقعی) proof of his loyalty.

3.      The kindly foreman (سرکارگر) was too reticent to openly castigate (انتقادکردن) the clumsy new worker.

4.      When the teenager announced her engagement to the octogenarian (هشتادساله), the public suspected it to be a publicity stunt.

5.      Stories of their sordid (هرزه، شلخته، پست) youth poured forth from the unhappy felons.


Today's Idiom:

Despite all the talk about democracy in my family, my father usually gives the rest of us Hobson's choice (to have no choice at all).


Day One:


1.      With the help of his brothers he was able to wrest (بزور قاپیدن و غصب کردن) the leadership of the company from his partner.

2.      Speaking in a monotone, the politician was booed for his lackluster (خسته کننده) address.

3.      In a caustic (نیشدار، تند، تیز) article, the drama critic slaughtered the hapless actors.

4.      I loathe (بیزار بودن، نفرت داشتن) spinach but I love other green vegetables.

5.      When Ed arrived late, he knew that the grocer would reprimand him.

Today's Idioms:


When the football player broke his leg, his substitute wept crocodile tears (insincere tears).


Day Two


1.      By telling the truth, we stopped the incipient (درحال شکل گیری) rumor from spreading.

2.      The bombing of Pearl Harbor was referred to as an infamous (مفتضح، بدنام، شرم آور، ننگین،رسوایی آور) deed.

3.      The wealthy dupe (آدم گول خور، ساده لوح) consented to buy the often-sold Brooklyn Bridge.

4.      When he attempted to jostle (تنه زدن) the old lady, she struck him with his umbrella.

5.      Through an inadvertent (سهوی، غیر عمدی) error, the guided missile sped out of control.



Today's Idiom:


The secretary's motion that we adjourn for lunch carried the day (to win the approval of the majority) and we headed for the restaurant.



Day Three:


1.      After the weatherman had sent the sinister (بدشگون، نامیمون) clouds, he prognosticated rain.

2.      The General attempted to repudiate (ردکردن، منکر شدن، انکار کردن) the testimony of the lieutenant, claiming that the young officer was not an authority (منبع صحیح و موثق) on low level bombing.

3.      Upon seeing the snake, the cat began to bristle (سیخ شدن از ترس، آماده جنگ شدن) with fear.

4.      The widow's tremulous hands revealed her nervousness.

5.      The cessation (انقطاع، توقف، ایست) of the bombing in Yugoslavia was urged by the Pope.



Today's Idiom:

The presence of so many bars has turned our neighborhood into another skid row (disreputable part of town, inhabited by derelicts and people on the skid).




Day 4:


1.      We repudiated the contract because it did not stipulate (قید کردن، تصریح کردن) a cost of living bonus.

2.      The word "expired" is a euphemism for "died".

3.      When my neighbor's dog was run over, we sent a condolence card.

4.      The philosopher dealt with spiritual things, ignoring the mundane (این جهانی، دنیوی، خاکی) ones.

5.      The play was so incongruous (نامتجانس) that it seemed to be the work of several authors.



Today's Idiom:


The mayor's plans to get the gubernatorial nomination went up in smoke (to come to no practical result) when he couldn’t end the costly strike.