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Aref wraps up Kazakhstan visit


Iran's First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Aref  left Astana, Kazakhstan, for Tehran, wrapping up his visit to the republic, where he attended Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit. In a speech to the SCO summit, Aref said the Islamic Republic of Iran can serve as a bridge between the SCO, the Persian Gulf littoral states and even European countries. Aref said stability, security and promotion of cooperation with the SCO member states at bilateral, regional and international levels are among the priorities of Tehran's foreign policies, which make it significant for cooperation with the SCO. In a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao on the sidelines of the SCO summit, Aref called for promotion of Tehran's ties with Beijing at bilateral, regional and international levels, considering China's important position in Iran's foreign policy.


Linde AG, Germany's largest maker of industrial gases, signed a 400 million euro order to build a 1.2 billion US dollars ethylene-making plant in the Iranian city of Assalouyeh on the Persian Gulf. Linde AG, which won the order from Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC), will build the plant together with South Korea's Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co and Iran's Sazeh Consultants. Bordering on the Assalouyeh petrochemical complex, the plant is projected to have an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons of ethylene once construction is completed after four years.


Germany-Iran-Kurdestan Province

Kurdestan Governor General and a German Business Delegation from
Baden & Wurttemberg Province signed a Memorandum of Understanding to expand and deepen economic ties and cooperation. Deputy Economy Minister of this German province indicated cordial relations between the two sides bring about the implementation of the signed MoU. Academic cooperation, Training Courses in Mecatronics, Emergency Management in International Trade Relations, City planning, Development of Transportation as well as Auto Technology are cooperation grounds for the two sides.  



AustriaIran – Gas Pipeline


Austria's OMV, Central Europe's leading oil and gas group, Austria's OMV signed a joint venture agreement with four partners for the planned 'Nabucco' pipeline project which would transport gas from Iran's Caspian Sea region to Middle - and West Europe. The new venture group - Nabucco Gas Pipeline International Ltd. - will among other things be responsible for preparing the financial concept and coordinating the subsequent project phases. Besides OMV, the consortium includes also Hungary's MOL, Romania's Transgaz, Turkey's Botas and Bulgaria's Bulgargaz.

Iran GDP Second in the MIDEAST

Iran after Saudi Arabia is at the top of the list of 19 countries in the Middle East in terms of Growth Domestic Products, according to the latest figures published by Economist. Total goods exports by these 19 countries reached US$ 6.456 billion with total imports of 5.309 billion in the year 2004. The figure shows a trade surplus of 1.147 compared to that of the previous year. The hike in oil prices is said to be the main reason for such an increase.



Iran to Become Asia's Sixth Economy


 Tehran Governor General said Iran can turn into the sixth economy in Asia once the Fourth Development Plan is half implemented. Referring to the increase in Iran's economic capacities from US$ 134 billion in 2003 to 166 billion in 2004, he further stressed that under such circumstances Iran has the eighth economy in Asia. If these capacities reach US$ 181 billion within 2 years, Iran will definitely turn into the sixth economy in Asia.



Eight Petrochemical Projects to Go Operational by Year's End



Deputy for Petrochemicals to Oil Minister said 8 huge petrochemical projects will become operational by the end of this year in Mahshahr and Assalouyeh.

ZagrusPetrochemicals, Ghadir Ammonia, 9th Gas Separating Unit of Alfein, Fourth Aromatics and Mobin Petrochemicals in Pars special zone as well as Gas Separation Unit of Ahvaz and Maroon Petrochemicals in the special economic region of Imam Khomeini Port.


He indicated that currently Maroon Petrochemicals has an annual production capacity of one million and 860000 tons of polymeric products with its lower units becoming operational recently.



International Office and Home furniture Exhibition in Kish Island


Kish Island will host the second international office and home furniture exhibition due to kick off on September 13, 2005 for four days during which local and international companies will showcase their latest products. Business-matching, promotion of domestic products and preparations for the export of Iranian products are of main targets of this international fair.



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